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Wyrd Fly Fishing

Behind the scenes in Iceland.

Stills & Motion – Behind the scenes in Iceland.

We have spent days and nights crawling on steep mountain sides, deep river beds while trying not to get our sensitive equipment wet and chasing sunlight, while letting our minds adjust to the midnight sun.

Personally I love the idea of midnight sun. Professionally it can be one of the most challenging sun scenarios to work with.

Because of the midnight sun, the landscape looked the best around midnight and 2 am. The fish was active from early morning til late evening. There was minimum potential to catch fish during midday. So that meant resting and maintenance. We only had short time in Iceland and therefore needed to work night and day – which slowly ate up the strength of our fantastic and hardworking crew and ourselves
But what a trip and the images we had in the end – Stunning!


We are in post-production now and looking forward to show you the videos from Sweden and Iceland.

About Wyrd Fly Fishing:

Wyrd Fly Fishing is a Swedish fly fishing company that has put and take lakes and streams in the southern part of Sweden. Recently they got access to some of the best rivers for fly fishing in northern Iceland. As a result of that, they now also organize guided fly fishing trips to Iceland.

Last thing in their product line up is their mighty fly fishing rods ”Gere” and ”Freke”. The rods are designed by Brian Frilund and former fly fishing world champion Gunnar Rask Nielsen.



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